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Raising show quality Thriantas, Rhinelanders (black and blue), Mini Lops, Dwarf Hotots and Beverens (white).

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I usually do not get any Thriantas that are not show quality, but occasionally I do. Pets are usually $25. This does not include a pedigree.

If you want me to hold a rabbit(s), I now require a 50% money order, check or PayPal You can send it in the mail or in person, but until I receive the money I will not hold the rabbit. We do not do shipping. If the rabbit(s) get's ill within 3 weeks of it being in your possession, I will refund some of the money depending on what the original price was. However I do need proof of the illness with a picture. Picture(s) should include the illness and tattoo (in the same picture if possible).


Fire Valley Rabbitry now has an official ARBA rabbit registrar. If you have any rabbits that need to be registered, please send me an email and we can possibly arrange something.

Welcome to Fire Valley Rabbitry!!

My main breed is Thriantas, so i'll explain why I adore them so much.

I have quite a few Thriantas in my barn. Their personality is terrific. Their calm, friendly, and curious rabbits. Some will greet me at the door, and some will do laps in their cage. When you hold them, their always looking around to see what's going on, especially at rabbit shows. They love to stick their heads out of the show boxs to see the other rabbits and the other breeders. Their most beautiful quality is their color. Their a gorgeous fire-red color with thick black eye lashes. I've found the girls with richer color have darker eye lashes, which makes them even more stunning. The first Thrianta (Rusty) I ever got was in 2005 but sadly he left our rabbitry in 2013. I have a big back yard, and he loved to run around all over in the summer. I had trained him to come when I called his name, and it was really funny and adorable to see how high he jumped when he would run to me. They are a very trusting breed. Usually i'll set up a fence for one at a time so they can run around and get some exercise in the summer.

A Little About Rhinelanders

Rhinelanders now come in Black and Blue, and I raise them both. These guys are super sweet, spunky and challenging to breed. They LOVE to run, and do not like to be held very much as they are a running breed. They make AWSOME agility rabbits for people! It is a bit difficult to get a showable kit in a littler though. You get sports (solid calico color) and charlies (not enough markings to be shown), but you can also often get a rabbit with a marking disqualification like a double cheek spot, not enough side spots, and breaks in their spine marking. I love this breed because it's challenging to get a nice show rabbit, and also because they are a rare breed. As you can tell I love the rare breeds so I can try introducing them more. These guys are my second favorite breed.

The Beauty of the Beverens

Beverens come in 3 colors black, blue, and white (working on Chocolates). The Whites have beautiful bright blue eyes, and that is why I started with that color. I eventually want to get into the blues and chocolates because their colors are unique. They get pretty big, but are very energetic rabbits. They usually stay pretty clean for white rabbits, even though the bucks spray a LOT. The does are not agressive, but have a tendancy to bite and grunt. This breed is VERY rare, and I am having a hard time finding other lines and even for sale ones. I have been working with them for 3 years, but they are becoming more popular around NY now, which is pretty exiting. Even though the does bite they are still a lot of fun to have and raise. I would not recomend this breed for young children.